Worship Centre and Community space

Worship Centre

The Worship Centre has been designed for contemporary use while maintaining the traditional features of the Nave. New furniture for the altar was created from wood recycled from some of the original pews. The altar furniture is removable and a communion rail can be placed at the front of the altar when required.

The church is fitted with a sound system which includes a hearing aid loop. The adjacent St. John’s Lounge also has speakers in it so that this room may be used as a creche during Sunday Services. There is special seating for the choir at the front of the church, and a pipe organ and piano. The nave seats about 200 people when joined to the Ward Memorial Chapel.


Ward Memorial Chapel

The Chapel is at the back of the church and is named for the former Ward Memorial Methodist Church in Northland, another part of our Uniting Parish. The Chapel is at the back of the Nave separated by glass doors, which can be opened as required.

Community Space

In 2013, the old hall was closed because it was deemed at risk from earthquakes.  At the same time, the worship space was strengthened to 72% of New Building Standard and some pews were removed to create an open community space to substitute for the old hall.  The community space can be merged with the Ward Memorial Chapel to provide one open space with a floor area equal to the old hall.