Our Mission

St Ninian’s Uniting Church.

St Ninian’s is a church in the heart of Karori. We are a warm and friendly congregation. We enjoy each other’s company and caring for each other is very important. We work hard at being the family of God and have a lot of fun while we do it.

We are committed to:

  • Proclaiming and witnessing to our faith in God, and in Jesus Christ, in whom God’s love is made known.
  • Offering radically loving service in the community with whom we seek to be in partnership.
  • Encouraging and challenging each other in our journey of faith; being open to and inclusive of all people, and exploring a variety of theological perspectives.
  • Being something that bring flavour, like salt, for the community by bringing a Christian perspective to issues that concern us all.
  • Gathering together, celebrating our lives, memories and hopes in both traditional and new forms of worship.

Five Areas of Focus.

Firstly, being an all-age church family that encourages new people with a special focus on young members.

Secondly, becoming relevant, alive and vibrant in all aspects of church life, but especially worship.

Thirdly, being a welcoming, inviting church that offers all aspects of hospitality.

Fourthly, raising the church profile by working at outreach both in the local community and overseas.

Finally we want to have a greater social focus within the church that encourages closer relationships and interaction among all members.