Our History

Our Parish

The Karori Northland Uniting Parish was formed in 1994 as an amalgamation of the St Ninian’s Presbyterian Church and Wellington West Methodist Churches, St John’s in Karori and Ward Memorial Church in Northland.

In 1999, all buildings on the St John’s and Ward sites were sold. The funds from the sale of the Methodist property was utilised to refurbish our facilities to meet the changing needs of the congregation and the community. On February 23 2003 we opened our refurbished buildings and in March 2003 we officially became known as the St. Ninian’s Uniting Parish.

We benefit from the heritages of two great denominational churches: Presbyterianism, with its emphasis on how Scripture addresses contemporary issues, and Methodism, which stresses the Gospel of love and justice in practice in the community. These strengths have been integrated in the life and worship of our uniting church. We also benefit from the faithful stewardship of those who have gone before us. We are fortunate to have a strong asset base, including a modern complex, manse, rental property and modest investments.

We have a warm, friendly congregation. We enjoy each other’s company and caring for each other is important. We work hard at being the family of God, but don’t forget to have fun at the same time. Our parishioners are generous with their time, skills and resources. It is amazing and humbling to take in all that goes on within the parish. As a result, the St Ninian’s complex is a hive of activity, bustling not only with church related events, but also with a great many community groups that use our facilities. We believe this is part of our mission in the community and often extend more than simple physical hospitality to these groups.

We acknowledge that we are also stewards, not only of our assets, but also of the gospel. Like many churches, we face the challenges associated with an ageing congregation. We are, however, heartened by the work we already do with young people, including our Children’s Holiday Programme, Friday Fun Club and Children’s Church. We continue the great journey of faith, endeavouring to be Christ’s heart, hand and voice in Karori. We believe that the best is yet to come. We would love you to journey with us.