Our Beliefs

About our beliefs

We believe in exploring the Bible with the resources of contemporary scholarship while at the same time offering loving service to the wider community.

We seek to present the message of unconditional love proclaimed by Jesus Christ and made tangible through his life of love, faith, compassion, forgiveness, healing, truth, peace and justice for all.

We are an inclusive community, accepting all people of peace, irrespective of age, race, culture, creed or sexuality. All are invited to share in the sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.

Within our church ‘family’ children are regarded as being very important and we provide a safe and happy environment for them to learn and socialise in.

As a community of faith we offer a place of warmth and security, where we can worship God and enjoy one other’s company as we journey together on our search for understanding and purpose.

As a people we seek the reality of God and the guidance of Jesus Christ. We offer an environment of acceptance where all are valued, differences respected and where there is room for the vast diversity that is God’s own creation.