100_3604St. Ninian’s Uniting Parish is located on the corner of Newcombe Cres and Karori Road, just minutes from the Karori town centre. The refurbished community centered complex completed in 2003 is utilised by many community and church groups on a daily basis. It includes a nave with a pipe organ, a chapel opening into the nave, a large hall, a choir room, a well-appointed kitchen, common room and separate lounge that also serves as an area for restless children on Sunday morning. There are meeting rooms and children’s church rooms. It also features a prominently placed reception and administration area, including the minister’s office.

St Ninians hire out our rooms at reasonable rates,  on either a one-off or ongoing basis, and particularly welcomes community groups.  We wish to promote community spirit and a sense of belonging among both churchgoers and the wider community.

Enquiries should be directed to the Parish Administrator, whose contact details are here

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The Worship Centre and Community Space

St John’s Lounge, common room and kitchen

Sunday School Rooms.

In addition, there are several other smaller rooms available.

Other Facilities

St Ninian’s has a 40-inch TV with DVD player and a sound system with radio microphones.  There is a well-equipped kitchen and a variety of furniture which can be made available where required. There is very limited off-street parking which can be used, by prior arrangement only, by the disabled or frail, and there are usually free parks within a minute’s walk. There are a number of toilets located around the complex, including one suitable for the disabled.